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Nova Sons: a Kentucky Rock Revolution Signs With Full Circle Entertainment

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Two bluegrass boys and a heap of Rock 'n' Roll — that’s what Kentucky-bred duo, Nova Sons, is all about. Armed with passion, a gritty take on modern rock, and enough swagger to rival the legends, they're not just here to shake up the music scene; they're here to remodel it. Hence, the announcement of their recent signing with Full Circle Entertainment Booking Agency is viewed not just as their next career step, but a seismic shift in the rock genre at large.

Comprising Vincent Langdon on guitar and vocals, and Austin Bruce on drums, Nova Sons is a powerful fusion of raw talent, relentless ambition, and a distinct musical prowess that stands out even in a saturated genre. Their full-bodied sound is uniquely their own, despite their roots nourishing from the varied sounds of AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Mötley Crüe, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana.

If one were to attempt an aural dissection of their booming echo, it would be a blend of powerful guitar thrills, fortified by Langdon's soulful, grating vocals underlined with Bruce's percussion grooves. However, to distill their sonic identity into a simple description would be an injustice to the elaborate tapestry they've woven so far.

Nova Sons' unique sound can be credited largely to Langdon's guitar tone that radiates a personal style, one that can oscillate between melodic whispers and fierce sonic roars. Complementing this is Bruce's equally potent drumming that echoes the rock streets of yore and resonates with today's contemporary listenership. His hard-hitting grooves are not merely rhythmic foundations; they are integral narrative threads in their musical stories.

Servicing this cohesive musical engine are Emberstone and Raye, the stalwarts orchestrating the strings of Nova Sons' professional journey. As their management power-duo, these individuals have been instrumental in crafting a roadmap for Nova Sons, spotlighting the synchronized synergy created by Langdon's guitar artistry and Bruce's memorable beat constructions.

Already, Nova Sons are riding high on the crest of their first single, "Psychopath," which has been carving out a significant niche in the charts. Bursting forth as a tour-de-force ballad of gritty rock and brooding lyrics, "Psychopath" stands testament to a band that truly marches to the beat of its own drum. And if this single is any indication, the duo’s upcoming songs promise more rousing journeys into their unique rock universe.

Synthesizing the energy of rock past with a modern twist, Nova Sons managed to sign with Full Circle Entertainment, an influential organization known for its ability to recognize and foster emerging talent. Armed with their respect for the old school and the audacity to redefine the rock genre, Nova Sons' potential for pushing the envelope in the music industry appears limitless.

As Kentucky's Nova Sons shape their rock revolution while backed by Full Circle Entertainment and managed by Emberstone and Raye, the world waits in anticipation of what their next tune will recount. Their journey is far from over; in essence, with the release of "Psychopath" and the signing announcement, the real crescendo is just beginning to rise.

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Ronald Bruce
Ronald Bruce
04 de ago. de 2023

From what I have heard so far. This is only a beginning.


OMG I'm so so proud of you guys. You're on your way of a dream come true for the both of you. Stay strong and true to your dream and passion for the love of making music. Always stay real and never fake. You have just begun your life journey of two guys that have such a love for music. Truly love, live, and breathe it. I'm such a proud momma.


Love the sound

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