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Seth 'S/J' Richard Completes the Loop, Joining Full Circle Entertainment

In the vibrant world of music, individual talent often gravitates towards like-minded artists, forming a synchronic ecosystem that thrives on the diversities they bring and the unity they share. Such is the tale of Seth Jude Richard, more commonly known as S/J, who has now found a new family in Full Circle Entertainment. Hailing from the rich culture of south Louisiana, S/J has been a pivotal figure in the music scene since the tender age of 12.

A Brief History

Introduced to the raw and robust universe of Punk Rock, he initially ignited his career while touring with numerous bands through the years. His talent was undoubtedly appreciated, but it was his adaptability that really made him stand out. Over time, he transitioned from being another member of a Punk Rock band to becoming an indispensable part of the Full Circle Entertainment Band, SevVven. The bass strings came alive in his hands, and audiences were mesmerised. After moving to Florida, he continued to contribute his unique sound to SevVven, further enhancing their overall charm.

A New Venture

Recent developments have indicated that this talented bassist is now setting out on his own, courageously stepping into the realm of solo performance. Seth has taken an exciting step by signing with Thousand Islands Records, an arrangement that portends a fascinating shift in his musical journey. This new venture is anticipated to expose a vulnerable yet rocking side of S/J. His new direction will be showcased as he tours extensively, promising fans and viewers an experience quite unlike any they have had before.

Joining Full Circle Entertainment

A major move in his career, S/J has joined Full Circle Entertainment for all his bookings. This company is widely recognised for its management of exceptionally talented artists. Its impressive roster boasts of some magnificent names, and Seth's addition will undoubtedly enhance its reputation further.

An Album and a Tour

Fans will be thrilled to know that S/J will be touring in November and December, performing off his new album. This tour will be a unique opportunity to experience Seth's signature Punk Rock sound redesigned with aspects of his new solo style. It’s anticipated to be an unforgettable musical journey for both the artist and his fans.

Booking Information

For those interested in hosting this extraordinary artist for an intimate performance at their venue, please contact Kevin at Seize the chance to indulge your audience in the unique sound of S/J, combined with the fresh layers of his solo-scripts.

In conclusion, for Seth Jude Richard, joining Full Circle Entertainment is much more than a career move; it's a homecoming. As he continues to explore the vastness of the musical world, Full Circle is set to empower him to make his journey a grand spectacle. One thing is sure – the journey of S/J is far from over. Brace yourselves for the evolution of a rebel!

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