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The Heavy Strides Join Forces with Full Circle Entertainment

Full Circle Entertainment, proudly announces the signing of The Heavy Strides, stepping in with an impact into the world of hard rock music. This four-piece band hailing from Biloxi, MS, with their power-packed performances, blazing guitars, rhythm that shakes you to your core and soul-touching vocals, is geared up to sway the music industry.

Composed of Drew Fulton on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Josh Estes on bass, Cedric Feazell on drums, and Tyler Storms on lead guitar, The Heavy Strides carry a legacy of musical talent formerly known from Magnolia Bayou. The Heavy Strides promise an electric fusion of classic influences including the likes of Led Zeppelin to Soundgarden all wrapped up with a contemporary edge, offering their fans an exhilarating sonic ride.

"The Heavy Strides have a dynamic that's impossible to ignore," They have honed a unique signature sound, marrying deep rhythmic grooves with searing guitars under the leadership of soulful lead vocals. They are fierce, they are innovative, and they are already creating paced strides in the music scene.

Full Circle Entertainment is excited to embark on this dynamic journey with The Heavy Strides. They are expected to bring freshness to the table, with new music anticipated to hit the market in late 2023. Their passion and promise, combined with the Full Circle vision to push musical boundaries, are sure to create an explosive and lasting impact on the industry.

In this season of reinvention and bold strides, keep The Heavy Strides on your radar. They are a testament to the continuing evolution of music. They are here to make their mark.

For more information about The Heavy Strides, bookings, or press inquiries, please reach out to

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