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SevVven Awakens Listeners with Their Striking New Single

SevVven is releasing their captivating new single, "Awakened," under the prestigious Wake Up Music label on June 30, 2023. SevVven has been making waves in the rock music scene with their dynamic sound and heartfelt lyrics. With influences ranging from classic rock to metal, their versatility has earned them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. Now, they are ready to take their craft to new heights.

To mark the release of "Awakened," SevVven will be embarking on a thrilling tour alongside Full Circle Entertainment's band, Transient, and the electrifying Texas rockers, 3rd and Delaware. This power-packed lineup promises an unforgettable experience for rock enthusiasts all over. With SevVven's captivating stage presence and uncanny ability to connect with their audience, every show is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Lead singer Josh Valdivieso describes "Awakened" as a deeply personal and introspective journey. The lyrics delve into the aftermath of his failed marriage, exploring the complexities of love, loss, and self-discovery. Josh's poignant storytelling, combined with the band's mesmerizing melodies, creates a cathartic experience for anyone who has experienced similar turmoil. This single is a testament to SevVven's artistic growth and their determination to push boundaries. We believe that "Awakened" has the potential to resonate strongly with the fans. Its relatable themes, raw emotions, and infectious hooks make it a must-listen for rock music enthusiasts.

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