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Brandi Fontana - Co-Owner/Agent

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 Brandi Fontana is a multifaceted professional in the world of entertainment, marketing, and law. As the co-owner of Full Circle Entertainment, she has spent the past 20 years immersed in the vibrant music scene, where she has honed her expertise in booking, promotion, and artist management. Her passion for supporting emerging talent has led her to work closely with numerous bands, helping them secure gigs in top clubs and venues. In addition to her accomplishments in the music industry, Brandi has also made a mark as a Marketing Director. Her skills in this field have been sought after by bars, national speakers, bands and businesses, where she has spearheaded successful campaigns that have driven growth and increased brand visibility. Her ability to think outside the box and create unique marketing strategies sets her apart in the industry. Prior to creating this partnership with Kevin and moving to the gulf coast Brandi excelled as a paralegal and contract writer for a top 10 law firm in Los Angeles. Her legal background has equipped her with a meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of contract law, which has been invaluable in negotiating deals and ensuring the success of her clients. Among her many achievements, Brandi hosts a radio show called "In the HotBox" on The Sound 228. This platform allows her to share her vast knowledge of the music industry and highlight emerging artists. Her commitment to supporting musicians and fostering a sense of community within the music scene is evident through her engaging and informative show. Brandi’s passion for music and art is deeply rooted, and she holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Sociology from the University of Tennessee. This unique academic background enhances her understanding of the social and cultural impact of music, making her a well-rounded and insightful professional. Whether it's through her work with Full Circle Entertainment, her marketing endeavors, or radio show, she continues to make invaluable contributions to the music industry. Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering support for musicians make her a true advocate for the art form.

Kevin Harris - Co-Owner/Agent

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Kevin Harris is a highly accomplished figure in the music industry, with over two decades of experience in radio, event coordination, concert promotion, and distribution. With an impressive portfolio of achievements, Kevin has made a significant impact on the Gulf Coast music scene. As a 20-year veteran of radio, Kevin has honed his skills and expertise in curating and presenting exceptional music content. Currently serving as the host of the Homegrown show on 97.9 WCPR, Kevin showcases up-and-coming talent and offers a platform for local artists to shine. In addition to his radio work, Kevin has made a mark as an event coordinator, having organized numerous concerts across the Gulf Coast. Notable events include shows featuring renowned bands such as Buckcherry, Nonpoint, Drowning Pool, Adelitas Way, Saving Abel, Rev Theory, and Hinder. Kevin's keen eye for talent and exceptional taste in music have contributed to the success of these events and have solidified his reputation as a prominent figure in live music promotion. Kevin's dedication to supporting the local music scene led him to co-promote the much-anticipated "Rockin The Sound" in 2023 alongside 228 Entertainment. This transformative event brought together top-notch artists and thrilled audiences with unforgettable performances. With a passion for live music and community engagement, Kevin co-owns The Sound 228, a live streaming show and radio station that serves as a platform for both established and emerging artists. Through The Sound 228, Kevin aims to bring the power of music to a global audience and give exposure to remarkable talents. Currently, Kevin holds the position of President of Distribution with Emberstone and Raye, where he leverages his extensive network and industry knowledge to facilitate the growth and success of artists. His role allows him to connect exceptional talents with opportunities for broader recognition and exposure, contributing to the advancement of the music industry as a whole. Kevin Harris remains an active and influential force within the Gulf Coast music scene. Through his work, he continues to champion musicians, enrich communities, and shape the industry for a brighter and more vibrant future

Chris Recinos - Agent

Chris Recinos is an accomplished booking agent hailing from the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. With a wealth of experience and an impressive track record, Chris has solidified his position as a reputable figure in the music industry. Having served as the agent and manager for Overtone, a prominent band also based in New Orleans, Chris honed his skills in artist development and representation. His dedication and expertise led him to excel in his roles as talent coordinator and assistant talent buyer for the prestigious House of Blues in New Orleans, where he played a key role in curating memorable live experiences for music enthusiasts. In addition to his work with notable venues and organizations, Chris is the proud owner of Iamthesky Productions, a company dedicated to promoting and showcasing emerging talent. As the former talent buyer for The Bar in Metairie, LA, the Hangar in New Orleans, LA, the City Club in Houma, LA, the Howlin Wolf in New Orleans, LA, and the Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans, LA, Chris has demonstrated his ability to identify and cultivate acts with immense potential. With his extensive experience in the music business, Chris Recinos possesses a deep understanding of the industry's inner workings and the various facets of artist management and promotion. His comprehensive knowledge and passion for music have earned him a stellar reputation among industry professionals and artists alike. Through his meticulous attention to detail, strong networking skills, and a genuine passion for supporting artists on their creative journeys, Chris is poised to make a significant impact as the new booking agent for Full Circle Entertainment. His dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to showcasing exceptional talent will undoubtedly propel Full Circle Entertainment and the artists they represent to new heights.

Shea Prior - Agent

Shea Prior is a new face to the music industry, as Booking Agent, she is known for her active participation and promotion of bands across the Southeast. With a strong leadership background and exceptional communication skills, Shea thrives in the fast-paced music industry by delivering top-notch customer service and connecting talented artists to their audiences. Shea's passion for music and her dedication to her craft have allowed her to establish a strong network of contacts and build lasting relationships with both artists and venues. Her deep understanding of the music scene, combined with her business acumen, grants her the ability to match the right bands with the perfect opportunities. Shea's expertise goes beyond her booking abilities. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of South Alabama in Business Administration, which has equipped her with a solid foundation for navigating the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. With her comprehensive knowledge and dynamic skill set, Shea is committed to helping emerging artists succeed and achieve their goals. As a Booking Agent for Full Circle Entertainment, Shea's commitment to excellence, remarkable professionalism, and exceptional work ethic make her an invaluable asset to both artists and venues alike. With her unwavering dedication to her craft, Shea Prior is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


Kristy Cunningham - Agent

Kristy Cunningham, a titan in the music and entertainment field, made her debut in Houston's avant-garde underground club, Havok. Her audacious spirit, empathetic heart, and intuitive foresight helped her transcend the cacophony of raw youthful energy to create a legacy of strategic planning and execution. Not one to ignore societal callings, Kristy capitalized on her resourcefulness and passion to manage charity events that aided local hospitals, community centers, and independent healthcare ventures, particularly in underprivileged neighborhoods. She unveiled the humanistic streak that flowed symbiotically with her strategic acumen during these philanthropic endeavors. She emerged as a beacon of hope during the challenging pandemic era, ingeniously bridging the gap between struggling artists and resilient venues. This strategic maneuver preserved the essence of live music, providing a much-needed platform for artists grappling with the industry's hardships. Cunningham's prowess stretches beyond event coordination into the digital sphere as she has managed multiple musicians' social media accounts. Through her direction, these accounts have experienced heightened interactivity thanks to her cutting-edge, personalized content curation approach. A living testament to her unwavering commitment in the music scene is the 19th Hole Grill and Bar in Spring, Texas. Here, Kristy spearheaded all bookings for four years solid, artfully curating multi-dimensional additions to the venue's musical repertoire. Kristy Cunningham now proudly steers the ship as the Owner and CEO of the rising star, Rock Pulse Records. Her visionary leadership continues to create resounding ripples across the music industry landscape. She impressively manages the trajectory of the band, 35 Drive, steering their exponential rise within the Houston, Texas music scene. Bold, relentless, and committed to creating and fostering opportunities, Cunningham is redefining the role of a booking/media agent in today's music world. With her recent move to Full Circle Entertainment, she brings with her a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach—ensuring the promise of growth, innovation, and shared success in this thrilling new chapter of music-entertainment history.

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