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Full Circle Entertainment Thrives: Acquires Musical Powerhouse, Kristy Cunningham

Kristy Cunningham stands as a steadfast pillar in the world of music and entertainment. Beginning her career on the street team for Houston's vanguard industrial underground club, Havok, Kristy quickly forged her name within the industry. Her unique blend of audacity, empathy, and intuition transformed the raw energy of youth into a powerhouse of strategic planning and execution.

Kristy also uses her passion and resourcefulness to manage numerous charity events. These benefit concerts and fundraisers offered aid to local hospitals, community centers, and individual healthcare, especially in low-income neighborhoods. Her humanitarian efforts revealed the altruistic heart beating within her strategic mind.

Cunningham rose to prominence during the unprecedented times of the pandemic. As the industry shuttered, Kristy ingeniously bridged the divide between struggling artists and resilient venues, thereby maintaining the pulse of live music and simultaneously providing a platform for artists who were most in need.

In addition to her philanthropic work, Kristy also showcased her digital savvy by managing an several musicians' social media accounts. Under her guidance, these accounts have gainEd traction through unique, cutting-edge content that she personally oversaw and curated.

The 19th Hole Grill and Bar in Spring, Texas, remains a testament to Kristy's diligence in the music scene. For four consecutive years, she ensured 100% of booking, managing a plethora of acts that added substance to the venue's music catalog.

Presently, Kristy Cunningham holds the title of the proud Owner and CEO of Rock Pulse Records. Her leadership and vision have guided this rising company, creating thunderous echoes within the music industry.

She also remarkably manages the band, 35 Drive, expertly maneuvering their ascent within the music scene out of Houston, Texas.

With her bold disposition and perpetual commitment to fostering talent and creating opportunity, Kristy Cunningham is truly redefining the role of booking/media agent in the modern music industry. As she joins Full Circle Entertainment, her extensive experience and dynamism promise an exciting new chapter filled with growth, innovation, and shared success.

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