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Them Guys Rock with New Booking Under Full Circle Entertainment

Vacherie, Louisiana's own Them Guys are hitting a major milestone. Originally a tribute band to the rock legends Chevelle, Them Guys have come a long way since their formation in 2019. What started as a tribute to the rock-and-roll greats has morphed into something entirely their own – a unique sound that echoes the heavy influence of rock icons such as Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, Sevendust, and Godsmack.

This dynamic group took a leap into the unknown just six months after they formed, deciding to trade cover tracks for original compositions. The result? A blend of innovative soundscapes, raw vocals, energetic riffs, and a magnetic stage presence that catapulted them into the local limelight.

And now, we're here to break another headline. Them Guys are joining forces with Full Circle Entertainment for bookings! This partnership is set to take them to new horizons, and we couldn't be more excited to see where this journey takes them.

Full Circle Entertainment, known for their dedication to nurturing musical talent and providing them a platform for growth and success, is the perfect home for Them Guys. With their booking services, Full Circle Entertainment ensures top-notch gig opportunities, providing the best stages for Them Guys to rock on!

This is a monumental step forward for Them Guys, who embody the spirit of rock with their gritty tunes and relentless drive. Just as their influences brought about a radical change in music, Them Guys seek to make their own mark in the world of rock.

As we celebrate this new chapter for Them Guys, we invite you all to keep an eye - and an ear - open for upcoming performances. With their authentic originals and commanding stage presence, this rock band promises to bring an electrifying dose of Louisiana spirit to the music scene.

Stay tuned for updates and let's support Them Guys as they take on this exciting new journey with Full Circle Entertainment. Get ready for some intense jams and memorable live performances. Here's to new beginnings with Full Circle Entertainment – because we all know that the best rockstars go full circle!

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